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Surfing in Japan during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Posted by Sue Steward on
Surfing in Japan during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Interestingly, the world’s largest metropolitan area is also widely known for hosting world-class surf spots.

While tourists and sports fans from all around the world are in the city for the Summer Olympic Games, local surfers will be riding their daily waves. In fact, the Chiba region, which is near Tokyo, is considered as the birthplace and capital of the Japanese surfing culture.

Onjuku, Choshi, and Ichinomiya, which are located 40 kilometers away from Tokyo, are some of the best surfing spots in Chiba. Pollution and fishing harbors are the greatest threat to wave and surfing here.

Niijima, Oshima, and Hachijojima are three islands that are located off the coast of the capital, which often offer great surfing experiences for the local board riding community. So expect a laid back lifestyle and stunning sight-seeing.

Shonan and Shichirigahama – in the Kanagawa prefecture – are two famous wave peaks that face southern swells coming from the Pacific Ocean.

Shikoku, the fourth largest island in Japan, also offers impressive river mouth waves. Ikumihama, Uchizuma, Shishikui, and Niyodo are the best choices; however, they are not free of local wave warriors.

The province of Fukushima was once famous for its top right-handers ridden in front of the nuclear station. Nowadays, it is a radioactive surfing cemetery, where surfers won’t surf and human beings won’t live.

If you are planning a surfing trip to Japan – the Land of the Rising Sun, you should do it during spring, between April and May. Remember that local surf shops are so expensive and trains are the best way of traveling from spot to spot there.

The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place between 24th July and 9th August, in Tokyo. Because surfing is very popular in the country, so it would be nice to have surfing as an Olympic sport, in a high-tech artificial wave pool of Japan.


The most influential surfers of all time (part 2)

Posted by Sue Steward on
The most influential surfers of all time (part 2)

3. Tom Blake

Born in Milwaukee in 1902, Tom Blake became famous and eventually change the face of surfing. Being a lifeguard in 1924, Blake began surfing after proving himself as a talented swimmer, even competing against The Duke. He took seasonal trips to Hawaii as surfing was injected into his blood.

In addition to his contributions through surfing performance, it was surfboard design which cemented his place in the history of the sport. During Blake’s time, the solid redwood surfboards were extremely cumbersome, but he experimented with hollow boards which might lighten the surfing load. In 1926, he created the first hollow board that lightened the standard board a whopping 60 pounds, leading to a spike in surfing performance and helping the surfboard become basic equipment for lifeguards.

In 1928, Blake won the initial Pacific Coast Surfriding Championships in California and in 1930, he took part in creating the first waterproof camera. Moreover, he then became the first to attach a fin to a surfboard.

4. Tom Curren

On his road to his first 2 world championships, Tom Curren‘s clashes with Mark Occhilupo became legendary. Any surfer from the ‘80s will remember these shattering moments which were immortalized in videos and plastered across magazine pages.

Competitive greatness was not Tom Curren’s swan song but he fashioned a path which would lay the groundwork for many of the present’s pro careers. He embarked on boat trips to wonderlands that had never been surfed, let Sonny Miller film them and packaged them as “The Search” series, a beautifully filmed journey that was spiced with jazz and rock tunes, some of which were performed by Curren himself.

In 1990, he roared back to competition, which laid claim to the first event of that year at the Coldwater Classic in order to make a red hot Gary Elkerton look shaky in comparison. He convincingly won a third world title after having surfed through the trials of every event that year.