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Surfing experience Ichinomiya in Chiba Prefecture

Posted by Sue Steward on
Surfing experience Ichinomiya in Chiba Prefecture

Surfing is a new competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The competition venue is Tsurigasak Surf Beach in Ichinomiya town of Chiba Prefecture, where Narita Airport is located – the gateway to the air. The town of Ichinomiya attracts many surfers throughout the year.

Ichinomiya Town is a place that can be said to be a famous surfing spot not only in Japan but also in the world. Especially on the Tsurigasaki coast is the venue for the WSL QS6000 ICHINOMIYA CHIBA OPEN tournament.

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It has been organized by the World Professional Surf Association WSL ASIA World Surf League ASIA since 2016. This is also an important venue for the WSL tournament, the best players also attend.

An impressive Tsurigasaki beach with its large Torii gate stands on the sand. Here is under construction to prepare for the Olympics. Preparations for the Olympics are ongoing.

You can see the bicyclist on the beach with support equipment to fix the surfboard like a bicycle on the left. That proves that surfing is a very familiar activity here.

The temperature when I came here was about 12 degrees. But there are still surfers waiting for the waves. Ichinomiya town is where surfers come here throughout the year.

There are many surf spots on the beach. In addition to the Ichinomiya Beach for beginners or Tsurigasaki Beach for professional surfers, there is Sunrise for the average surfboarder. You try to choose the location depending on your level offline.

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Along the Kujukurihama beach parallel road, there are many hotels and shops that can rent surfboards. If you want to enjoy the surfing experience, you can stay at a beach hotel.

Among the seafarers, you may come across people who are leisurely watching the sea. Enjoy the ocean the way you like it.