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The best surf books to read while real sport is suspended

Posted by Sue Steward on
The best surf books to read while real sport is suspended

Reading books about surfing is the best way to learn about the history and culture of the game. From surfing memoirs, surf heritage, and classic surfboards to epic tales and alternative lifestyles, all have been published in great reading materials.

Surf books are usually written by pro surfers, surf journalists, or surf historians. They always have something new, besides the usual surf industry propaganda, to reveal, such as a hidden wave peak, a hot surf destination, a secret wave, wave riding stories, lives of the surf legends, and the transformation of coastal regions.

Fortunately, we’ve selected a list of books about surfing that any surfing fans should read, especially when the real sport is suspended now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Encyclopedia of Surfing

Author: Matt Warshaw

The Encyclopedia of Surfing is known as the most important surf book ever published. Featuring 1,500 alphabetical entries with 300 illustrations, this must-have book is widely considered the best review of the people, events, equipment, places, and lively history of surfing.

The History of Surfing

Author: Matt Warshaw

The History of Surfing is a great book for those that want to explore how surfing was first seen by James Cook in 1778 and then evolved into the 21st century. Featuring about 500 pages with more than 250 rare photographs, this book is what all surfers should have in their home library.

The World Stormrider Guide

Author: Bruce Sutherland

The World Stormrider Guide is the most detailed surf spot guide that has ever published. By adding description, photos, surf statistics, ocean floor characteristics, and wind patterns, the trilogy helps readers explore the most famous surf peaks.

The Surfboard

Author: Ben Marcus

The Surfboard provides every single example of surfboard formats and shapes. It shows you monstrous “koa” planks from the ancient Hawaiian, from the first wooden and balsa boards to the modern materials.