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How to take care of surfers’ skin (part 3)

Posted by Sue Steward on
How to take care of surfers’ skin (part 3)

5. Hydrate Your Skin

When you spend hours in the ocean, your need for water goes up, and your skin can reflect that.

There is no use in lathering it with lush oils and creams if you don’t hydrate it from inside out.

Water is vital for skin health, and as a surfer, you should drink plenty of it. Keep a glass bottle of water always at hand, and drink it before and after surfing.

If you don’t particularly appreciate pure water, you can always make a delicious handmade fruit juice or fragrant flavored water.

There are plenty zero-effort recipes out there, so no excuses to opt for unhealthy and sugared drinks, that will do the opposite of what is intended.

6. Eat Right

Water isn’t the only source of hydration.

A healthy diet keeps your skin balanced and more resistant, while also boosting the action of the products that you put on its surface.

Rich fruits and healthy vegetables are also packed with H2O, with the added benefit of minerals, vitamins, and many other fantastic components.

Some foods are particularly beneficial, such as avocados, fatty fish, olive oil, almonds, carrots, green tea, citrus fruits, berries, broccoli, peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, greek yogurt, and eggs.

7. Act When Something Is Wrong

Every time you notice something wrong with your skin, look for medical advice. The skin is the biggest organ on our body, and it often reveals underlying issues.

We are not only talking about skin cancer symptoms, but also little ailments that can become big problems if unattended.

Alterations in moles, spots, persistent rashes, broken skin, or nail fungus, they all should be checked by a specialist.

Now that you know how to care for your skin, it’s time to have fun in the waves. It’s incredible out there.