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The waves of Japan create some spectacular surfing opportunities

Posted by Sue Steward on
The waves of Japan create some spectacular surfing opportunities

There are four extremely diverse main islands and a myriad of smaller islands of different shapes and sizes. This island nation has world-class waves.

Shikoku is an island with many outstanding points that are not respected. It is often said to be the best area to surf in Japan and the best between June and November.

This island possesses some of the best estuarine waves in the world, along with beautiful scenery still unknown to many international tourists. In Japan, it’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and to know about some of the possible dangers. Earthquakes happen quite often across the country and with them the danger of tsunamis.

Be wary and heed any warnings given by the authorities to ensure your safety. Beaches usually only have lifeguards patrolling during the summer months, so be extra careful at other times of the year. You should try to go surfing with at least one other person if you are inexperienced.

Be very cautious if you plan to go surfing in Okinawa, as tropical storms go unannounced. However, I like the idea to get a bevvie after surfing, or even just be hang out and look like a surf.

Windsurfing has also proven a lasting appeal to Japanese thrill seekers and the Shonan area is its most popular site. This is one of the famous five lakes in Fuji. It’s where you can windsurf while enjoying the wonderful view of the iconic Mount Fuji.

Many schools have lessons on how to use boards, swimwear, and lessons on how to improve the mastery of waves. Some schools even host live demonstration demonstrations so you can see how the professionals are. Will hope surfing in Japan will be an unforgettable experience for you!