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Surfing Mecca! How to experience Ichinomiya in Chiba Prefecture

Posted by Sue Steward on
Surfing Mecca! How to experience Ichinomiya in Chiba Prefecture

Surfing is a new competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The venue for the competition is the Tsurigasaki surf beach in the town of Ichinomiya in Chiba prefecture, where Narita Airport is the air gateway. Ichinomiya town attracts many people who enjoy surfing for 1 year.

Chiba Prefecture is located in the east of Tokyo – the capital of Japan. This is where there are many popular places with tourists such as Narita Airport or Tokyo Disney Resort.

The majestic nature is still preserved here, especially Ichinomiya town in eastern Chiba prefecture overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where there are many recreational activities on the sea. The largest coastline in Japan with a total length of 66km Kujukurihama attracts many tourists to admire the sea.

Among the sports activities on the sea, the town of Ichinomiya is especially famous for surfing. At Tsurigasaki Beach, south of Kujukurihama Beach, there is also an international surfing competition. This is also the venue for surfing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Also because of this nature, the magazine believes that you should take a look at the following safety precautions. Here are some helpful tips to help you plan an unforgettable surfing while still being safe.

Before you intend to go surfing, do not miss surfing classes as well as the skills to handle unexpected situations while surfing. Water sports take a lot of energy.

You can return for a day from Tokyo to Ichinomiya town. If you take the train, visit JR Kazusa Ichinomiya Station. From Tokyo Station you can go directly by Tokkyu Wakashio Line in 60 minutes.

It is about 90 minutes from Narita Airport, which is quite suitable for short travel. The most common way to go is still to get to Chiba Station on the JR Narita Line. You can change to the JR Sotobo Line towards Abo Kamogawa to Kazusa Ichinomiya Station.

The number of trains is not much, so when you come here you should plan more time. The waiting room at Kazusa Ichinomiya Station has a backrest shaped like a surfboard. You will feel the very typical space of this town famous for its surfing.

You can see bicyclists going to the ocean with a support device to fix their surfboards like bicycles in the left picture. This proves that surfing is a very familiar activity here.