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Flowrider hydraulic artificial surfing

Posted by Sue Steward on
Flowrider hydraulic artificial surfing

If surfing can only be played seasonally, according to weather conditions, surfing can be done artificially. Flowriding has the advantage of being playable all year round, regardless of anything.

This can be called a sport that combines the skills of surfing, windsurfing, and skateboarding. And to play it requires a hydraulic surf model called the Flowrider.

Flowrider is basically a pool wave generator. They pump upstream to create waves like real waves. This system was imported from the United States by Ana Marina.

It is the type The FlowRider Double with 02 skid lanes enough for 02 people to play at the same time. Without fear of collision thanks to a floating cylindrical float in the middle.

Flowrider is a famous American brand that is used and installed in many parts of the world. Before playing, you must warm up carefully, stretch all the muscles in your arms, shoulders, legs and neck to relax according to the instructor’s words.

Because even when playing on the shore, with high safety, this dish is also classified in the extreme sport – ie extreme sport. But there is a bit of risk, there are risks, so be careful.

Before people practice walking, they must practice crawling first, so does flowriding. Before using the standing board, it also takes some time with the lying board. So that the body gets used to the flow of water and how to keep balance.

However, there is a problem I fear the most when practicing with the standing board, I don’t want to fall down, I’m afraid of being pushed by the water. This barrier is not a buoy but a soft mattress, but still dizzying pain. I would be happy to go back to practice if this place also comes equipped with buoys.

In addition, during practice, it may crash somewhere or be knocked over by the board, but I has not been. Gathered after playing back, there will be some painful parts like thighs, necks, shoulders, and knees. And this is pain from muscle tension, not pain from injury.