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Space for surfing enthusiasts in Cornwall

Posted by Sue Steward on
Space for surfing enthusiasts in Cornwall

A discontinued surfboard factory in Cornwall has been renovated into a surfboard shop and also a coffee. The couple Emily and Mark Anderson are the ones who brought the idea and create this creative change.

The shop, called Open, is located in the village of Saint Agnes, in southwestern Cornwall province, England. It is located 100m north of the Cornish Sea. This space used to be the ideal place for the surfboard factory to operate for 25 years, but has stopped working in recent years.

For Emily, she is very interested in the field of furniture and architecture. The idea of ​​restoring an old place, attached to the locals so far, has always urged her in recent years. Therefore, Mark decided to choose a surfboard factory to fulfill her wishes.

With an area of ​​about 50 m2, this location has been changed into an open space that is both a coffee shop, a rest area and a surfboard. They redecorated the broken walls, dismantled the ceiling to expand the area and restored this space in its original form. The impressive and attractive high walls also serve as the backdrop to display the surfboard collection.

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The bartender is made of plywood and the top is covered with white pine resin, which is also the main raw material used to coat surfboard surfaces. All materials are carefully selected by Emily and Mark, ensuring they are natural, neutral and consistent with the theme of the ocean.

It is not only provides space for relaxation, entertainment or to buy and rent surfboards. Open is also the venue for seminars for customers so that they can make their own unique boards.

Although this factory still has many unfinished stages, they are planning to repair and expand it further. This will be the place where artisans come to work. Enthusiasts come to learn as well as facilitate visitors to learn more about the production of surfboards.

Conventional factories operate with fast and busy working frequency so it is difficult for others to visit and learn. It is for this reason that the Emily couple created Open-an ideal space to maintain the profession and encourage people to learn and try it.