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Surfing Stand Like A Child Of The Sea

Posted by Sue Steward on
Surfing Stand Like A Child Of The Sea

Stand-Up-Paddling is a stand-up paddle boarding. Marine fans call love SUP.

Originating in Africa, the warriors have learned to stand on canoes and use forward paddles for silent attacks. By the 16th century in the Hawaiian Islands, this Hoe he’e nalu water sport brought the appearance of modern surfing. Modern SUP has lots of variations: sightseeing, racing on the lake, crossing canals, waterfall, yoga on boards, and even fishing.

If you need to find inspiration to play SUP, watch a legendary man who conquers it all – Laird Hamilton. Surfer Magazine called him “the greatest great surfer of all time” with unrivaled skill and genius invention that helped SUP and surf on water sports maps. Laird makes even the bravest biggest waves, the most audacious, admires.

Rail Project: Julian Wilson surfing rail grinds – video

Stand-up paddle boarding is the most accessible. Stand up paddle boarding is going on water. It gives you a refreshing way to approach water. It teaches you the essential skills and feel to try out other water sports. I find myself managing new poses, exploring new waters and learning techniques that sail or surf don’t.

As well as swimming, windsurfing is a physical exercise. Stand-up paddleboarding strengthens the core and balance system, requiring strong muscle connection through arms and legs.

When standing on a board, the weight of the body is put on the waist, hips, thighs and calves. When rowing, the force of the arms to the shoulder blades is fully promoted. The sun, the wind and the waves will make your body firmer.

On top of the physical rewards, standing windsurfing also restores balance and peace of mind. The sea watered coolly the hot blood of young people. Your heart must learn to remain calm under the dull pressure of the waves and humility in front of the vast ocean.

Your memories will remember your thirst for discovery and the freedom to be found on the crowded ground. What you learned on the water, dear friend, will also apply well on the shore.